How to make shell gold – a practical guide

To make your own paint from gold leaf is a simple and straightforward process, but it can also be laborious.  In this post I will share the step-by-step process for making gold pigment – also known as “shell gold”, the way it has been practiced and passed down from generations of gold makers in India. I’veContinue reading “How to make shell gold – a practical guide”

The Patience Test and the making of a miniature artist

If you ever wondered about the process of learning Indian miniature painting in the traditional way, or what steps are involved to build confidence over time as a miniature artist, then read on! The first time I saw Indian miniature painting was at a Bikaner studio run by artist Narvin Swami and his family, thereContinue reading “The Patience Test and the making of a miniature artist”

“Where the Pear Tree Blossoms” – a walkthrough

This post is about the process in making “Where the Pear Tree Blossoms.” The idea generated as an expansion formally and conceptually from an earlier work “Confluence.” The original composition looks like this, I painted a thin layer of pale orange ochre on golden paper. The paper itself is made following the traditional method byContinue reading ““Where the Pear Tree Blossoms” – a walkthrough”