Glimpse into eternity at the Red Cave – inspiration and process

I’m inspired by sacred sites because they feel alive as if having breath and pulse. They provide the space for deepening practice and worship, and through time hold vibrations of all the ones who came with a pure mind. All the pilgrims, yogis, hermits, lamas who came before, their timeless presence continues to reverberate through the cracks of cavernContinue reading “Glimpse into eternity at the Red Cave – inspiration and process”

“Where the Pear Tree Blossoms” – a walkthrough

This post is about the process in making “Where the Pear Tree Blossoms.” The idea generated as an expansion formally and conceptually from an earlier work “Confluence.” The original composition looks like this, I painted a thin layer of pale orange ochre on golden paper. The paper itself is made following the traditional method byContinue reading ““Where the Pear Tree Blossoms” – a walkthrough”