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In My Mind’s Eye (Detail) | 2019

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April 15, 2023 Artist Lecture: Female Figures in Indian Miniature Painting. Lin Chihchu Memorial, Taichung

講座: 千秋佳人 — 從女性題材看印度細密畫的情感內涵 林之助紀念館

April 24 – May 1, 2023 Indian Miniature Painting Workshop. National Taipei University of the Arts


An Encounter (Detail) 2022

Windpath (Detail) 2022

Who Is Chumik?

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About My Work

Encompassing layers of meditation, impressions, dreams, illusions, and deep dives, I create a world where we can roam in between the spiritual and the mundane.


Workshops include both practical and theoretical aspects of miniature painting in the context of Eastern art.

Each class is also an invitation to dwell in the unknown.

Brush lining practice

Colors used in traditional miniature painting are made from natural minerals, earth, and organic matters. If you are interested in getting started, have a look at the Resources Section.

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You can find me as @chumik.art on instagram, see what’s going on in my studio, my processes and inspirations. Let’s get connected.💫

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