To keep an ardent eye


In My Mind’s Eye (Detail) | 2019


Take a moment, breathe, and enjoy the art.


Live & recorded workshops:

Introspection and Expression : Intro to Mughal Portrait

Foundation Course: Paint a Portrait in Siyah Qalam

Ocean of Immortality | 2020

An Ode to Time | 2020

Through the use of intricate details and plays on forms and spatial relationships, I hope to create a space where viewers can dwell, wander, and reflect upon the nature of our being beyond mind and matter.

From the Delineating Presence Series (Detail) | 2018


Paintings inspired by spiritual practice and nature

The body of my work reflects my interest in the timeless exploration of spirituality, the search beyond the known, limited self for the ultimate.

Encompassing layers of meditation, impressions, dreams, illusions, and deep dives, it’s a journey stemming from the universal sentiment of longing, the pursuit of answers just at the periphery of perception, seemingly omnipresent yet ever so elusive. 


An artist’s journal to keep an ardent eye on life.

There’s a creative soul in each and every of us, and growing your creative muscles in miniature painting is both enriching and calming. The meditative quality and groundedness that I feel in every stroke is something I wish everyone could experience.

In my blog I will share all about my inspiration, thoughts, processes, studies, and practices that might set the creative spark in you.

Brush lining practice

Colors used in traditional miniature painting are made from natural minerals, earth, botanicals, and other organic matter. Find out on how to get started in the Resources Section.

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