Chumik 袁家珣

Born in Taiwan, raised in Mainland China, Chumik is currently based as an artist and educator in Taiwan.

The experience of shifts in urban landscapes, cultural practices and systems of thought propelled the artist to delve deeper into the diasporic phenomena, inquiring into the changing social tapestries of the surrounding world as well as introspectively. Chumik’s evolving narrative takes the form of paintings, video, performance, and artist book. Her recent oeuvre comprises of paintings using exclusively natural materials – sourced from minerals, earths and organic matters – which became a way for exploring her linkage to the land or “Home”.

Chumik received a B.Sc. degree in Finance before taking full-time studio course at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. In 2017, she moved to India to undertake apprenticeship in Indian miniature painting at the Royal Atelier of Jaipur where she became the first non-native to receive the honor of Tutorship.   

Chumik has been exhibiting her works in juried group exhibitions and solo exhibitions since 2011. Currently she also works closely with National Changhua University of Education, Taipei National University of the Arts, and Lin Chihchu Memorial to develop innovative workshops.

My Work

2000, Shanghai. 

I was lingering before a curious stone arch. On the other side, a narrow, dark alley with old bicycles parked against the wall; further down, rows of hanging fabrics performed a dance of color in the afternoon sun. Like Dorothy walking into the Land of Oz, I entered the longtang to find life bustling in a world unknown to me. 

Awestruck, I took my first black-and-white photograph, knowing little what “Art” is, or how it can tell most eloquently an account of history through the details of the most ordinary lives. 

It took me years to realize that it is through art I continue to embrace the fullness of life in the shifting landscapes of my journey. My works are driven by a pure sense of curiosity, a desire to understand the relationships that shape our world, our identity, longings and sense of belonging.

In painting I enjoy the potential to manifest worlds from impressions incised in my mind; through layers of mineral pigments, I explore spaces between the fantastical and the rational, yet never fully reach either destinations.

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