Chumik 袁家珣

The pursuit of art is always a long and winding path. With each twist and turn, I hope to leave an old part of me behind and emerge looking at the world of possibilities with fresh eyes. 

I’m a visual artist based in Taiwan with backgrounds in multiple fields. I received a degree in Finance and subsequently trained in New Media from the School of Art Institute of Chicago; I have also been an art-and-humanities journalist, documentary maker, Dhamma student, studio apprentice, and a traveller before developing my oeuvre in painting.

Shifts in circumstances and cultures have provided me an ongoing impetus to explore life outside while taking deep introspective looks. My painting practice is the result of the natural unfolding of experiences of my life, my returning to the cultural roots in traditional media, and an evolving personal dialogue about the nature of our being.

My Work

I’m interested in the puzzles about the phenomena of life and our everlasting quest to transcend limitations of the self. Through my practice, I explore ideas of consciousness, faith, and laws of nature rooted in the Buddhist view of inter-connectedness.

For the past few years I have been using gouache made from natural pigments as the primary medium. I see the brush as extension of the mind in equilibrium and the painting surface as a space beyond our mundane existence. The directness and immediacy of the line offers a gateway to intricacies of our innate nature that cannot be easily verbalized.

Encompassing layers of meditation, impressions, dreams, illusions, and deep dives, my works are an ongoing journey stemming from the universal sentiment of longing, the pursuit of answers just at the periphery of perception, seemingly omnipresent yet ever so elusive.

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Currently in Taipei
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