“Prayers at Night”, a journey through time

Sometimes progressing in art means seeing all the mistakes and struggles I had made along the learning curve, and they often make me cringe. But this image somehow stayed with me. I made the original sketch from nightly prayer ceremony during a pilgrimage. I think this experience opened up my eyes to see the external and internal forces within the world and myself, and to see that the good wishes generated from the pure mind and expressed in the form of prayers were intensified and multiplied by the community of more than a thousand, that could potentially change the course of events.

At that time (2016) I could not find a way to express that atmosphere and the ingenuity of a sacred moment, but gave a space for it in the mind. A lot has transpired over time but the force of these prayers always remained, I then turned it into a tiny painting when I finally had the means and time after almost two years.

Even though I never felt my works as mature, I find myself being more appreciative of imperfections manifested while trying to be great, the imperfections which are filled with a sense of intimacy and warmth. 

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