The Novice

Chance 2020 Natural Pigments on Paper 24 * 27 cm

Sometimes the creative act is simply dipping into the great solitude that accompanied coming of age. Solitude as something both immense and tender, so that the child in his own world also feels pulses of the earth and spirits of the trees.

Winds, carrying dandelion petals and forgotten dreams, swept across childhood and left nothing but a dance of light.

But the long long days spent watching ants move houses have remained, not merely as hazy fragments of the past, but as gifts to be cherished.

Gifts as lights and whispers, kept as purity of soul.

Chance II 2021 Natural pigments, silver leaf on paper 24 * 27 cm
Flux 2020 Natural pigments, silver leaf, shell gold on paper
Flux (Detail)
Flux (Detail)
Sun And Moon 2021 Natural pigments, shell gold on paper 24 * 27 cm
Sacred Spaces, Above and Below 2020 Natural pigments, pine soot ink, shell gold, silver leaf on paper
Crossing 2021 Natural pigments, gold leaf, silver leaf, shell gold on paper 28 * 25 cm

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